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The plant-based plan: 10 scientific reasons for more plant-based eating

The plant-based plan: 10 scientific reasons for more plant-based eating



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Plant-based foods feature heavily in traditional diets associated with long life (e.g. the Mediterranean diet and the Okinawan diet), as well as national and international dietary recommendations to promote good health. The evidence to support the benefits of plant-based eating comes from a wealth of scientific studies and in the last few years the number of these studies has grown exponentially. As such it was timely to undertake a thorough review of the scientific literature to explore the extent to which these benefits can be substantiated. The outcome of this extensive assessment continues to highlight the nutritional, health and environmental benefits of plant-based eating and illustrates how adopting a plant-based diet can improve not only our health but that of the planet too. These fi ndings are detailed in this new edition of The Plant-based Plan which provides the most comprehensive scientific justifi cation for plantbased eating to date. The Plant-based Plan should be considered an essential read for those wishing to make a big difference to the health of the planet and the people living on it. The Plant-based Plan is an invaluable resource for those wishing to learn more about the benefits of plant-based eating. - Based on the most comprehensive review of the scientific literature to date - Details 10 good reasons why more plant-based foods should be included in the diet - Benefits of plant-based eating supported by independent experts throughout the book - Written by and for nutrition professionals as an update to The Plant-based Plan.


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