How Women Mean Business

How Women Mean Business



Why Women Mean Business showed you why business needs to change. Now Avivah Wittenberg-Cox's new book shows you how to achieve a healthy and profitable balance. We know that business needs more women. Gender balance has been proven time and time again to lead to more innovation, better business performance and corporate governance. The only question is, how can business leaders make this happen? Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, an acknowledged world authority on women and business, points the way. In four simple steps she provides guidance on how to bring about real change: * Audit - where are you really at with gender balance now? * Awareness - Opening your eyes to what better gender balance could mean for your company * Alignment - Ensuring the buy-in that will bring about real results and change * Sustain - Building gender diversity into corporate DNA This lively, hands-on guide is packed with research and case-studies showing how some of the world's biggest blue-chip firms have done it. Women are most of the talent and much of the market - you need this book.


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