The Iliad Of Homer

The Iliad Of Homer



The finest translation of Homer ever made into the English language. --William Arrowsmith
Certainly the best modern verse translation. --Gilbert Highet
This magnificent translation of Homer's epic poem . . . will appeal to admirers of Homer and the classics, and the multitude who always wanted to read the great Iliad but never got around to doing so. -- The American Book Collector
Perhaps closer to Homer in every way than any other version made in English. --Peter Green, The New Republic
The feat is decisive that it is reasonable to foresee a century or so in which nobody will try again to put the Iliad in English verse. --Robert Fitzgerald
Each new generation is bound to produce new translations. [Lattimore] has done better with nobility, as well as with accuracy, than any other modern verse translator. In our age we do not often find a fine scholar who is also a genuine poet and who takes the greatest pains over the work of translation. --Hugh Lloyd-Jones, New York Review of Books
Over the long haul Lattimore's translation is more powerful because its effects are more subtle. -- Booklist
Richmond Lattimore is a fine translator of poetry because he has a poetic voice of his own, authentic and unmistakable and yet capable of remarkable range of modulation. His translations make the English reader aware of the poetry. --Moses Hadas, The New York Times

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