Wood Marsh Architects: Residential Work

Wood Marsh Architects: Residential Work



Roger Wood and Randal Marsh have been in private practice since 1983 after extensive experience in architectural offices in Melbourne, and graduating from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Wood Marsh Architecture has broad experience in interiors, urban design and major public infrastructure. The office has been responsible for the design of many road bridges, freeway sound walls and pedestrian links. In addition to a full range of architecture, including numerous substantial private residences, the office has designed sets and installations for fashion parades, visual art exhibitions and performance works. The company's work has won twenty-nine Royal Australian Institute of Architecture Awards for Excellence including the 1998 and 2006 Victorian Architecture Medal, and the 1998 National Walter Burley Griffin Award for Urban Design. The architecture and design of Wood Marsh has been judged, nationally and internationally, as possessing great conceptual strength and clarity. Contextual issues of locality and region are used as a foundation for ideas that bring bold and sculptural architecture to our communities.


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