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The Physical Game: A Pickup Coach's Complete Guide To Approach, Physically Lead And Bed Women

The Physical Game: A Pickup Coach's Complete Guide To Approach, Physically Lead And Bed Women



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This is a book that balances technique and self discovery. Through the use of coaching drills stemming from my programs, not only the reader will discover things about himself that can be used to talk with females but he will also find the way of implementing these drills in real life situations. This book will dispel forever the notion that pick up is a game where men have to manipulate women into liking them by means of using pick up lines and complicated scripts to show they are a worthy candidate for sex. Through the use of simple physical techniques like handshakes, hugs, etc., they can get physical with women and take things to the next level in a straight forward manner. The material in this book can be entirely self-taught without coaching guidance. I have taken great care in breaking things down to the point that the average guy can use it right now. I have also peppered what I call "reality checks" and "coach drills" throughout the book so that drills that I propose can be carried out without being misused or misguided and the student can become its own supervisor. It is important to follow my "reality checks" so that the drills meet the outcome they were intended to produce. All the drills proposed have been tested over and over during my years of coaching pick up to regular guys. What the reader gets today on this book is direct knowledge (through trial and error) distilled over years of coaching. The underlying theme of the book is that everyone can apply this wealth of knowledge and change their lives. As a pick up coach, I have been carrying out incredible transformations in average guys: we playfully call this in the industry "going from chode to champ."


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