Small-Scale Food Processing: A directory of equipment and methods.

Small-Scale Food Processing: A directory of equipment and methods.



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This book is a valuable addition to the relatively limited information available on the subject. International Agricultural Development on the first edition.

Food processing is a valuable way of preserving food to increase food security, minimize waste and generate extra income.

This guide provides development workers and small-scale entrepreneurs with the basic information and advice that they need to set up a small-scale food processing enterprise. Part one considers the food processes that are suitable for different crops including fruit and vegetable products; cereal and pulse-based products; milk and milk products, and meat and fish products. Part two is an annotated directory giving the appropriate equipment needed to process a particular food, an index of manufacturers, the approximate costs and the names and addresses of manufacturers. The potential uses of various equipment is examined and much of the equipment is clearly illustrated.

In this new edition the main text which guides the reader through the stages of food processing activities has been reorganized and clarified, and the catalog section, listing suppliers in approximately 50 countries, has been completely updated.


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