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Encyclopedia of Modern Everyday Inventions

Encyclopedia of Modern Everyday Inventions



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The 20th century saw radical changes to the pulse and quality of its everyday life, thanks to a wave of astonishing inventions that improved virtually every aspect of daily existence. Some inventions became essential household products we continue to use today. Others were replaced by new and improved inventions. This invaluable reference presents more than 40 alphabetical categories of everyday inventions for the home and domestic life, grouped by purpose or function. Inventions covered in Encyclopedia of Modern Everyday Inventions include ballpoint pens, coffee makers, electric guitars, hair dryers, the Internet, remote controls, zippers, and many other daily household items. Articles detail each invention's history, including how it works and what future developments are possible. A portrait of the larger historical, technological, and cultural landscape helps students understand why certain products were invented and how the future could alter the need for these products. An index and cross-references allow readers to easily find specific inventions of interest. Illustrations and diagrams complement the text.


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