After All

After All



The American artist Sherrie Levine realises in her works the artistic praxis of appropriating, repeating and varying famous earlier artworks. At the same time in doing so she creates her own new oeuvre. Beyond the mere copy she further develops the works c onceptually and with historical cliches, presenting it to the viewer for reconsideration. Sherrie Levine (* 1947) is a photographer, painter and sculptor and is celebrated above all in the United States. When we fi rst consider her works we think of the im itation and interpretation of the reference works, but our conclusions about the copy soon disappear in favour of a new, autonomous original. The volume shows over 50 works after artists like Duchamp, Cezanne, Degas, van Gogh and Mondrian, from whose mas terpieces Sherrie Levine has created something new. In addition art experts place her work in context, for example with regard to her choice of subject or her methods of reproduction.

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