A Rush of Blood to the Head

A Rush of Blood to the Head



Inclusief belasting. Verzenden berekend bij het afrekenen.

This is the remarkable and inspirational autobiography of a remarkable sportsman. Marc Sluszny is a Belgian commodity trader and a multi-sport participant (People ask him Why so many sports? A better question would be Why so many dreams? ) and this book documents his exploits and many achievements in the world's most challenging and dangerous sports: skysurfing; bungee jumping; BASE jumping; gliding; hang gliding; alpine climbing; tennis; fencing; barefoot waterskiing; sailing; cross-channel swimming; racing car driving; and martial arts. It is a remarkable autobiography of the man they call the Belgian Superman . Target market: extreme sports enthusiasts who crave to try the fastest, bravest, most dangerous challenges that the world of sport has to offer.


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